AI's Ride into the Future of eMedicine


What is Doctron?

is a next generation AI powered Mobile App.  Incorporating both context and clinical expertise of doctors who have helped triage hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. Doctron provides the right expertise of doctor-recommended care.  Just as a sympathetic human physician, Doctron converses with the user to understand their current symptoms or concerns and uses their health profile to compute the probable causes of their symptoms.


First, using AI based argorithms, Doctron analyzes the user’s current symptoms in the context of relevant data from the personal health record they created on partner healthcare providers, including age, gender, prior medical conditions and medication history.

Next, based on the user’s symptoms, Doctron uses advanced deep learning algorithms and Doctron's vast repository of doctor knowledge and data, to apply doctor-sourced clinical expertise and guide patients to the right level of doctor-recommended care.


Doctron will immediately route a patient towards a variety of solutions that doctors previously suggested to people in similar situations. These tailored potential pathways can range from suggesting the patient read relevant doctor insights and content, to connecting the patient with a doctor for a live virtual consult, or from scheduling an in-person office visit with the right specialist, all the way to directing the patient to more urgent care, based on the patient’s symptoms and characteristics.

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